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Although according to national statistics there is almost no violent crime at all reported in Woodbridge, there is a fair amount of property crime. Based on national statistics and calculated annually per 100,000 residents, there are on average 136 burglaries, 658 reported thefts and 136 instances of motor vehicle theft per year in a town with a population of 9000. Its rating as one of the wealthiest towns in Connecticut may act as a lightning rod for this type of crime.

Anyone who has benefited from the services of a professional locksmith will tell you that there is a surprisingly large and varied array of security options and solutions available to protect our most precious possessions. A home security assessment is essential to identifying weaknesses in your physical security that might provide an easy opportunity for a crime to occur. While nothing can make your home absolutely “burglar-proof,” there are ways to create security layers that, if implemented, can make it more difficult to force entry into your home.

A professional locksmith will assess your home’s security from the standpoint of a burglar. What may or may not attract a burglar to your home? Are doors and windows difficult to access? Is there an alarm system in place?

All windows should be secured by a secondary lock on or in the window track. All exterior doors should be secured by a deadbolt lock lower or higher than typical to reduce leverage, and more than one lock can be used. Patio or French double doors should also utilize a good deadbolt; because these doors are typically weak due to all the glass, a secondary barrier system is recommended, such as a charley bar or a t-bar door guard. Aluminum framed windows can be better secured by installing removable track locks.

Safes should be selected based upon its intended function. A document safe is intended to protect against fire. A security safe is designed to protect valuables. Safes come with various ratings and capabilities. If you do utilize a security safe, it is best to secure it to the foundation of your home so that it cannot be carried away. The addition of a home alarm system will seriously shorten the time needed for a burglar to attack the safe inside the home.

This is just a short list of issues a professional locksmith will take into account when assessing the security needs of your property. He will consult a checklist and make recommendations not just for the hardware required, but also for other ways you can make your property safe, ie via effective lighting, removing blind spots where burglars can hide in wait and escape without being noticed, etc.

Sure Lock & Key, the Connecticut-based locksmith company that many residents have come to rely on will perform these assessments free of charge. Once they have analyzed your needs, they will discuss their findings with you and make their recommendations. Their commitment to both fair pricing and the safety and protection of your most precious possessions make them the perfect partner in securing your home.