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Like many New England towns established relatively far from cities, Willington’s developing population in the 19th century didn’t include many physicians. Women provided most of the medical care to their families. Part physician, part apothecary, part herbalist and part gardener, taking care of pains and ailments was an important part of a woman’s work. To do the job, she needed a dooryard garden full of medicinal plants and a still room in which to preserve and convert them into balms, infusions, salves, tinctures, extracts, boluses, syrups, etc. The mistress of the house needed a mortar and pestle for grinding seeds and herbs, as well as an herb crusher to use on tougher woody plants and harder seeds. In addition, she needed some form of still in order to distill flowers and herbs into concoctions. And she would have had a sieve to help process dried herbs. Along with these tools she would have had vessels to store herbs and the products she made.

Compare this account with the tools and processes employed by physicians today. Massive textbooks and instruction manuals can’t even contain the amount of knowledge required today to perform the healing tasks that were once accomplished with little more than a sieve, a mortar and pestle, and a bit of land to grow the healing herbs.

Similarly, back in the day, a locksmith needed tools to ply his trade, but they were of a simple nature. The most important tool was the sledgehammer. It took two hands to use, so an assistant was needed to hold the metal being shaped. Hammers were used after the initial sledgehammer work, and chisels were usually used to cut the iron. Other tools included a hacksaw, a hollow punch or gouge to make holes, and files and burnishers used at the vice or hand vice. Files were also important tools for a locksmith. Their cross section was either square, triangular, or tapered and they were used for work at the bench after the object had been shaped on the anvil. Smiths usually made their tools themselves.

Nowadays, locksmith tools have also advanced: plug spinners, key decoders, lock and safe scopes, plug followers, pinning blocks, locksmith tweezers, and turning tools are just a few of the vast amount of equipment locksmiths required to service modern-day security equipment.

Sure Lock & Key provides the best of both worlds. Their friendly, professional service and expertise would have been as relevant in the nineteenth century as it is today. But customers also benefit from their state of the art equipment and most up to date technology in the ever-widening field of home, auto, and commercial security.

The old-fashioned values of Sure Lock & Key that never go out of style, combined with the latest trends and techniques equals the best possible service for their customers.