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Dating back to the colonial era, there was a tradition called Moving Day. Each April First (in Connecticut; in New York it was Feb. 1st), sometimes referred to as “Rent Day,” landlords would notify tenants about upcoming rent increases that would take effect at the end of the next quarter year. Those choosing not to renew their leases would spend the next few months looking for places that were more affordable. With most of the leases expiring at the same time, May 1st would find the streets filled with people moving their possessions from their old apartment to a new one.

“The streets became clogged with a a throng of people trying to get their possessions into their new residences. When the dust would clear, the streets would look as if an earthquake had just hit,” writes Leila Loomis Bill, in an essay found in the Vernon Historical Archives.. “Broken dishes, shattered furniture and destroyed houses (old homes were pulled down to make way for the new) were everywhere.”

Leila continues: “Moving has its benefits as well as evils, and first there is the certain knowledge one gains of the amount of old, worthless trumpery there is on hand. There seems to be no end to the trash an attic, cellar, and closet can contain, and all wonder where it ever came from. Another advantage in moving is the forming of new associations. If one’s surroundings are undesirable, if he is an an unpleasant or unhealthy location, if his neighbors have not been congenial, it is certainly among the greatest of luxuries to be able to make a change.”

The custom lost momentum when the demands for able-bodied men during World War 2 and the advent of rent control diminished the necessity of moving so frequently, but the tumult is fondly remembered by  those who experienced it.

One can only imagine the luck of the locksmith at that time of year. If nearly every family in town was moving from place to place, what happened to all the locks and keys? Did a family simply disengage the lock each time they moved and bring it along with them, or did new locks have to be installed after each move?

Nowadays, while people may not move house quite as frequently, their needs can change. A person could live in the same home for twenty years, but as time goes by, security issues can arise, necessitating a re-evaluation and upgrade.

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