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Torrington was first settled in 1735 by Ebenezer Lyman, Jr., of Durham, Connecticut. Early settlers resided on the hills west of the Naugatuck River where the first school, church, store, and tavern were constructed. Later, the eastern hill known as Torringford was settled, as it provided the best farmland. Torrington was given permission to organize a government and incorporate as a town in October 1740.

In 1834, Israel Coe and Erastus Hodges began the construction of two brass mills in Torrington, sparking the beginning of the brass and metals industry in Torrington, which later would spread throughout the entire Naugatuck Valley. Soon, Torrington was producing a variety of metal products, including needles, brass, hardware, bicycles, and tacks.

Among these products were the early version of today’s keys, but, like the booming industry that once defined Torrington, the plain key is being somewhat pushed aside.

First manufactured in the 1950s, electronic keys have become increasingly common. Hotels use keycards, private homes use keypads, offices and universities use electronic fobs, and some institutions even rely on biometric scans of retinas or thumbprints. The rise of the keycard has been a huge boon to the hotel industry, which formerly wasted energy and time chasing down lost keys. The new swipeable cards—which took root in American hotels in the 1980s—allow hotel managers to reprogram the lock for each guest, which makes rooms more secure. The cards don’t reveal much about the mechanics of the locks they open as the “key” is encrypted in its magnetic stripe.

But the question with electronic keys—or biometric scans—is who will control the access. For years, locksmiths such as Sure Lock & Key have shouldered that task, spurred on by thieves to improve their products, careful not to share their secrets too widely so that potential criminals would not get hold of their ever-evolving technologies.

All of these services and more are the bread and butter of Sure Lock & Key. With their friendly and professional service and their well known expertise, they continue to shoulder the task of keeping your home and property safe. A quick call to them at any hour of the day or night will have them at your doorstep in less than an hour, available to help, advise, and install whatever personalized security measures are necessary. Their mobile van is equipped with the latest, state of the art technology, and emergency service is available 24 hours a day. Late night lockouts are no longer cause for panic.

And while it may be true that the traditional key may become obsolete, the need for security never will.