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In 1939, one of the world’s first successful commercial helicopters was developed in Stratford by Igor Sikorsky and flown at his plant. His company, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, is still the town’s largest employer. Sikorsky Aircraft. Every Marine One (the helicopter of the President of the United States) has been manufactured in Stratford since 1957, for President Dwight D. Eisenhower. (The term Marine One is actually the call sign of any United States Marine Corps aircraft carrying the President of the United States.)

Although most of the security features of the Marine One are classified, a few details have been allowed to slip. Marine One is equipped with state of the art defensive measures such as ballistic armor, missile warning systems and anti-missile defenses. The recently redesigned Marine One helicopters features secure communications lines to the White House and the Pentagon and on-board encrypted video-conferencing capabilities, allowing the President to hold virtual meetings with military advisors, senior politicians and other world leaders while on board.
As an extra security measure, Marine One always flies in a group of as many as five identical helicopters. One helicopter carries the President, while the others serve as decoys. Upon take-off these helicopters shift in formation to obscure the location of the President. This has been referred to as a presidential shell game. Any and all personnel associated with Marine One are required to pass a Yankee White background check before touching any of the helicopters used for presidential travel.(”Yankee White” is an administrative nickname for a background check given in the United States of America for Department of Defense personnel and contractor employees working with the President and Vice President. Individuals having Yankee White clearances undergo extensive background investigation and includes requirements of U.S. citizenship and unquestionable loyalty to the United States.)

While “civilian” security needs aren’t quite as elaborate, care must still be taken to protect our homes and property, and Secure Lock & Key Locksmiths provide many of these services.
The first thing they’ll do is come and make an assessment totally free of charge. They will discuss their recommendations with you based on their observations, and will give you a fair-price estimate. Then they will get to work, making the necessary installations, setting up security cameras, securing your valuable possessions in your home, place of business or any vehicles you may own.

They pride themselves on their expertise (they use the most updated, state of the art equipment, not exactly on the level of Marine One but close!), professionalism, speedy turnaround time and fair pricing.

Among the many services they offer:
➯Access control and CCTV
➯24 hour emergency rescue service, for when you are locked out of your home, office, vehicle, safe, mobile home, or anything with secure access. ➯Duplication and production of new keys, smart keys, chip keys, fob keys, transponder keys and access devices.
➯Re-keying for existing hardware. Adding or replacing security features and hardware. Commercial accounts master re-key systems and other commercial services.
Be among the many satisfied customers of Sure Lock & Key.