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Human beings are self-absorbed creatures, so whenever there is a natural disaster, many people ask, “Could this happen to my hometown?” Depending on the worry-wart’s location, the theoretical catastrophe could be a flash flood, a wildfire, or an earthquake rather than a hurricane; no corner of the United States is immune to lethal natural disasters.

Still, some corners are safer than others. If an American wants to minimize his chances of dying at Mother Nature’s hands, where should he set up house? Slate Magazine crunched the numbers—and did some educated guesswork—to find the U.S. city where the odds of perishing in a natural disaster are closest to nil.

They automatically eliminated the 30 states with the most declared disasters. Most were no-brainers, such as the hurricane-prone states of the Gulf Coast and the heartland states that lie in Tornado Alley. Sparsely populated North Dakota has regular problems with severe flooding, as do Virginia, Tennessee, and New York. Illinois and Pennsylvania didn’t make the grade because their cities can get lethally hot. Also disqualified were some notably frigid members of the union, such as Wisconsin and Minnesota; blizzards and icy conditions are frequently deadly, especially for motorists. And seemingly placid West Virginia? It has some issues with landslides, particularly in the counties that border Ohio.

That left 20 states, two of which we knocked out immediately on common-sense grounds: Hawaii, since islands are inherently at the ocean’s mercy (plus there’s a slew of volcanoes), and Alaska, where severe winter storms are the norm.

Of the 18 states, only three had a fatality rate lower than 0.01 per thousand for the last decade: Connecticut (0.00587 per thousand), Massachusetts (0.00299), and Rhode Island (0.00286). These figures are somewhat surprising, given that all three of these New England states have ample coastlines and are thus susceptible to fierce storms. But they are also more immune to hurricanes than their southerly counterparts, virtually free of tornadoes, and blessed with relatively cool summers and winters that, although cold, aren’t quite North Dakota cold.

Further breakdowns eliminated RI and Mass, leaving Connecticut, whose coastline faces the Long Island Sound rather than the open ocean. Still, living near the water is not recommended for the truly tense; a safer bet is somewhere inland, away from rivers and lakes, but not too deep into the rural areas. The state’s winters aren’t tropical, but they tend to be not quite as snowbound as those in western Massachusetts.

After much debate, the winner of Slate’s “America’s Best Place to Avoid Death Due to Natural Disaster” competition was Storrs-Mansfield, Conn. It lies in Tolland County, which was not part of the 1999 federal disaster declaration for Tropical Storm Floyd. It’s a safe 50 miles from the sound and not close to any rivers. It also has relatively easy access to a major city (Hartford) in the event an evacuation or hospitalization becomes necessary.

This conclusion is by no means scientific, nor can safety ever be completely guaranteed. There is little one can do to protect himself once disaster strikes.

There is one area, though, where it is possible to protect your home, family and property, and that is by installing a good security system, and this is where your locksmith can make that happen.

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