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Incorporated in 1734, Somers has the unique distinction of being home to two prisons: the Northern Correctional Institution and Osborn Correctional Institution, both maximum security.

For better or for worse, prisons and locksmiths are inevitably bound together. Not only does the locksmith have to keep the prisons safe, they also have to keep the employees safe in their own homes for the times a prisoner could be released who has a grudge!

The security issues in a prison are many-fold. Locksmiths have been called to many prisons around the world due to  the carelessness of the staff. Keys are placed in the hands of what are supposed to be competent, trustworthy individuals. Allowing anyone to take these keys home increases the possibility of  misplacing these highly valuable items. High priority is supposed to be placed on keeping the criminals inside their prison cells, which should mean that keeping close watch on the keys should be a very high priority.

When keys are lost to a prison, the entire facility must be re-keyed and many of the locks replaced. Ironically, such carelessness is a boon for job security for the locksmith.

But keys are not the only security requirement for a prison, and the needs are changing all the time. Once upon a time, each cell could open manually with, perhaps, a master key. Today, with most of the systems computerized, care must be taken to avoid hackers and other intruders. A skilled hacker could invade the system and open every cell in the prison!

Closed circuit cameras are an absolute must, and the locks must be pickproof, hackproof, and able to withstand some real wear and tear. All of these needs require skilled locksmiths to provide the best and most reliable service. Most importantly, the locksmiths must have an impeccable reputation. The last thing a prison needs is its most sensitive information in the hands of anyone not 100 percent reliable.

How can they know? New customers or employers look for a locksmith who is trustworthy in work ethics and reputation. There is a system called “bonding,” tells customers that their best interests and the protection of their property are not only assured, but also insured. As a customer looking for a locksmith, you want to find one who holds a surety bond certificate from a reputable insurance or bonding company. Reliability is ensured by intensive background checks among other requirements.

Sure Lock & Key has passed the test! All locksmith employees are carefully vetted and undergo a thorough state and federal background check. bonded and insured up to one million dollars. All technicians are fully licensed, and Sure Lock & Key complies with all State and Federal regulations.

That’s just one part of the many assets of Sure Lock & Key. Fast, reliable, and professional service at fair prices is their motto. Using state of the art equipment, their expertise grows as security technology progresses.