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Seymour is an unusual example of what can happen when a community bands together towards a common goal.

Seymour Pink, a play on the words “SEE MORE PINK’ took it upon itself to raise money for Susan G. Komen 3 day walk in Boston, Massachusetts towards the fight against breast cancer. What started out as a single effort one day in October 2009 has blossomed into a community-wide project, having raised one million dollars thus far!

Aside from generous donations to local hospitals, such as Yale’s Smilow Cancer Institute and Hewitt’s Breast Cancer center at Griffin Hospital, the funds are distributed among those requiring support when dealing with the looming spectre of breast cancer, whether towards maintaining their households or covering medical bills. Their official mission is “to unite a community in the fight against breast cancer. Through fundraising efforts, our goal is to fund breast cancer research, provide education and to empower and assist breast cancer victims and their families.”

Community is one of the most important aspects in building and maintaining a thriving town. Various events are organized around the common cause for fundraising purposes, such as New Year’s Eve Gala, a golf tournament, free mammogram (and haircuts) for those without insurance, Seymour Pink Day, Pounding the Pavement for Pink, a 5K run or walkathon, and Banners for Pink, which are hung in memory of those who have succumbed to the disease.

Community comprises many elements, from residents to emergency services, from schools to local businesses. All must work together to support the common goals, interdependent and reliant upon each other.

There are also hidden members of the community that provide infrastructure, without whom none of the other goals can be met. Plumbers, electricians, municipal workers and carpenters keep life running smoothly and are often unsung heroes.

Another essential, often hidden part of the community is a reliable locksmith service. Most people still think locksmiths install locks on front doors and help you get back into your house or car when you lock yourself out. But like every other service, locksmith technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds.

New Haven based Sure Lock & Key has been following trends and progress since their inception, updating equipment and techniques as they are produced, using the most sophisticated, state of the art tools available. Combined with fast, reliable, professional service with a smile, Sure Lock & Key is a wonderful participant in any community.