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Probably due to its quiet, pastoral setting while still in close proximity to New York, Roxbury has become a haven for artists of all types: actors, writers, musicians, composers and visual artists.

Among its most famous inhabitants were the prolific, prize-winning playwright Arthur Miller and for some of that time, his then-wife, superstar Marilyn Monroe. It is hard to imagine such an illustrious actress paired with the cerebral, bucolic Miller, yet for a time the couple were very happy. After about five years, the couple divorced and Monroe moved to Los Angeles.

Miller rose to notoriety when, after a routine application for a passport, the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) used the opportunity to subpoena him to testify before the committee about his political activities after being promised by the chairman that he would not be forced to name others known to be members of the Communist Party.

Miller refused to reveal the identities of his colleagues and, as a result was blacklisted, fined, imprisoned and denied a passport. His conviction was eventually overturned on appeal, the chairman’s deception causing the annulment of the sentence.

Although there were others who willingly betrayed their friends in order to save themselves, Miller chose to conduct himself with integrity, despite the consequences.

He lived in Roxbury for the rest of his life, mowing grass, practicing his formidable carpentry skills, and of course, continuing his writing career. The quiet, friendly atmosphere appealed to him greatly. Roxbury was a haven not only for Miller but for others seeking to live private lives away from the spotlight.

Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, and it does not only apply to those forced to testify against their friends and colleagues. Integrity is applicable in every sphere of life: family, community, and particularly in business.

Honesty and integrity in business is a challenge when there are many temptations lying in wait to lead one astray. Luckily, though, there are some professions that demand integrity, otherwise they could not exist.

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