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Originally settled by English colonists in 1708, Ridgefield was the eponymous site of the Battle of Ridgefield in April 1777. A small platoon, led by, among others, General David Wooster, who died in the battle, and Benedict Arnold, whose horse was shot from under him, encountered a sizeable British force on the way back from a raid in nearby Danbury. The battle was a tactical victory for the British but a strategic one for the Colonials because the British were essentially chased out of Connecticut, never to return, despite western Connecticut’s strategic location.

Benedict Arnold, a leader in the battle, was born in Connecticut in 1741. He was appointed as captain in the Connecticut militia in March 1775. Disgruntled at being passed over for promotion to major general, many say that was the reason behind his treasonous alliance with the British. Others say that he was heavily influenced by his wife, Peggy Shippen. Nearly all agree that Peggy egged her husband on and collaborated in his treason, despite his insistence that she knew nothing about it and was innocent. Historian W.D. Wetherell said that “the shortest explanation for his treason is that he ‘married the wrong person.’

Arnold was a difficult personality, extremely ambitious and jealous, making many enemies and getting into troubles wherever he went in the United States, Britain, or Canada. He was also greedy and careless with money. He knew that he was distrusted and disliked by senior military officers on both sides. George Washington was one of the few who genuinely liked and admired him, but Arnold thought that Washington betrayed him.

There are many reasons people become disloyal: either to themselves, their families or their country. In any endeavor, be it personal or otherwise, the first and most essential step is to establish trust.

When in need of a locksmith, trustworthiness is of the utmost importance. In order for a locksmith to be of real assistance in securing home and property, he must become privy to many details that one might not want known, especially when it comes to protection from outside “forces.”

Sure Lock & Key have made it part of their mission to provide fast, reliable service, but their mandate goes much further. All employees are carefully vetted and undergo a thorough state and federal background check and all are fully licensed.

Whether they are rescuing you from a middle of the night lock out (their mobile van is on call around the clock) or installing sophisticated, state of the art security systems, you can count on Sure Lock & Key: friendly, professional, reliable and locksmiths you can trust.