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Besides a visit by George Washington through Plymouth both to visit relatives and to stay away from the coastline somewhere around 1790, Plymouth was the home of the Eagle Lock Company. Established in 1833 by Eli Terry, Junior, Eagle was at one time the largest trunk and cabinet lock maker in the world, and was at the forefront of padlock security in its time. The company manufactured over 2000 different kinds of locks. It became so successful that eventually two dams were constructed on the Pequabuck River to provide power for the factory.


According to Thomas Hennessy, curator of the Lock Museum of America located in nearby Terryville, “Lockmaking is the oldest known mechanical pursuit. Man has always sought ways to protect his family and valuables from intrusion – to keep the good in and the bad out. Locks are mysterious, and they use every mechanical principle known to man.”

The history of the lock may have begun with a stone rolled against the entrance to a cave and then graduated to a wooden bar across the door of a hut, but that mystery has never been unraveled. Somewhere along the way, it was condensed to the simple pin-tumbler design, and the art of the lockmaker was born.

“You can’t see what’s going on,” he says of his fascination with the mysteries of the lock. “It’s an engineering marvel.”

Lockmakers and locksmiths have been around for a long time, growing and progressing alongside the needs of an ever-expanding society. As life becomes more and more complex, so too, security technology must keep up with the times.

Sure Lock & Key, a descendant of such founding companies as the Eagle Lock Company, has done just that. Aware of both the pressing need to protect loved ones and property and the demands for greater and better security, Sure Lock & Key rises to the needs of their customers. Equipped with the most up to date, state of the art tools and technology, Sure Lock & Key offers free consultations and estimates, fast, professional service and fair pricing.​

Their services cover all  residential, commercial and automotive security needs, from CCTV to burglary damage repair. Experienced locksmiths will come at any hour of the day or night to secure the premises if you think there has been a theft or intruder in your home.

Lockmaking has come a long way since the early days of padlocks and wooden bars, and Sure Lock and Key has kept up with the times. Some of the old Eagle locks sell for up to $500, but you’ll get a much better deal at Sure Lock & Key.