New Canaan

New Canaan

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Considered part of Connecticut’s Gold Coast, New Canaan is known for its wide range of architecture, from the Harvard Five modern homes to historic New England colonials and farmhouses.

New Canaan was an important center of the modern design movement from the late 1940s through roughly the 1960s, when about 80 modern homes were built in town. About 20 have been torn down since then.

“During the late 1940s and 50s, a group of students and teachers from the Harvard Graduate School of Design migrated to New Canaan … and rocked the world of architectural design,” according to an article in, an online architecture design magazine. “Philip Johnson, Marcel Breuer, Landis Gores, John M. Johansen and Eliot Noyes – known as the Harvard Five – began creating homes in a style that emerged as the complete antithesis of the traditional build. Using new materials and open floor plans, best captured by Johnson’s Glass House, these treasures are being squandered as buyers are knocking down these architectural icons and replacing them with cookie-cutter new builds.”

The homes certainly lacked the elaborate finishes of earlier colonial estates. Jutting out at odd angles, the homes ran counter to symmetry and normal standards of privacy. Philip Johnson’s design was made of all glass, and one of the homes designed by John M. Johansen had a stream running beneath it, with the house acting as a kind of a bridge.

The one question it seems nobody asked at that time was, “How can we secure these properties?” They seemed to follow no plan, and were set amidst large plots of land. It must have been achallenge for local locksmiths at that time.

But one thing locksmiths need to know, and know well, is home design. They are trained to spot security vulnerabilities that the untrained eye might miss.

Nowadays, securing these properties has become much easier and more efficient, and Sure Lock&Key is part of these advances. Prepared with the latest, state of the art equipment, Sure Lock&Key offers a free consultation and estimates for all your security needs, and it’s interesting to imagine what they would have recommended to the Harvard Five and their architectural innovations.

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