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Easton is an affluent, rural town situated on the Gold Coast of Connecticut. One reason Easton is so rural is that more than 40 percent of its land is watershed, owned by the Kelda Corporation, a British company that took over Aquarion, parent of the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company, which distributes water to several nearby towns. Historians claim that its watery nature is partly due to residual run-off from mile-thick glaciers that once covered the town.

Easton is well known for its lack of commercial activity. There is no food market, no retail stores, no railroad station, street lights or public transportation. Look in vain for a town center or quaint New England green, a dry cleaner, barber shop, commercial enterprise of any kind of offices.

Even so, there are seven places in town that sell things to the public from a store. They include Easton Village Store, Greiser’s Store and Deli, Maple Row retail nursery store, Silverman’s Farm, The Aspetuck Orchards Apple Barn, Sherwood Farm, and Sport Hill Organic Farm. Then there’s The Blue Bird Inn and the Bluebird Garage, Candee Farm, Snow’s Farm and many Christmas tree farms along with a number of equestrian facilities.

The Greiser family has owned their store since 1926. The Blue Bird Garage and Inn were opened in 1919 and have been in the same family, the Weisers since the 1940’s. Snow’s Farm started up around 1907. The Silverman family has been in business with their farm, orchards, and store on Sport Hill Road since the 1920’s. The Candee family has been in town well over 100 years.

The Maple Row Christmas Tree farm and Maple Row Grower’s nursery store are operated by the Edwards family who still have the original paper documents granting their land from the King of England. The same is true of the Sherwood family where Tom Sherwood has recently opened his fine farm store on Sport Hill.

The Apple Barn was started up by a subsidiary of BHC along with Aspetuck Orchards early in the 20th century. The Gilbertie family started up their wholesale nursery business in town in 1986, having bought their first tract of land in 1984 along Adams road near Sport Hill. The Gilberties had been in the flower and nursery business in Westport since early in the 20th century when they arrived from Italy.

Clearly, Easton residents are loyal to their merchants, and one would guess, considering their longevity, that the merchants are loyal back. Missing from this list, even though they have not set up shop in town, is Sure Lock & Key locksmiths.

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