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East Windsor

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In 1818, East Windsor resident Solomon Ellsworth, born in 1737, made a most remarkable discovery in his own backyard. In 1756, at the young age of 19, he built himself a large Colonial home on Rye Street, west of the Scantic River.

That fateful day in 1818, Ellsworth was blasting a well on his homestead in the red sandstone common to the Connecticut Valley. As he dug deeper, unbeknownst to him, he came upon a set of human bones that were originally considered, after careful examination by Nathan Smith, founder of the Yale Medical School, to be rather old but of human origin. Dr. Smith kept the bones so others could examine them, and in it wasn’t until nearly a century later, in 1815, that the bones were recognized as “dinosaurian in origin,” and specifically that of the Anchisaurus colorus, sometimes referred to as “Noah’s Raven.” These were the first dinosaur fossils ever to be discovered in all of North and South America, and it made quite a splash in the scientific community.

We don’t really know too much about dinosaurs, having never actually seen one. They mostly exist in academic journals, museums, and fertile imaginations. But the idea that you can be walking around, minding your own business, and one fine day come upon a most spectacular and literally ground-breaking discovery is mind-boggling.

Residents of East Windsor have the unique opportunity to do the same. Right in your own backyard lies a hidden treasure of your own and, it being modern times and the age of technology, all you need to do is make a phone call or send a text message and the treasure will drive right up to your door, no digging required.

We’re speaking, of course, of Sure Lock & Key professional locksmith service. Any hour of the day or night, they are at your service for all of your security needs. The 24-hour mobile van will ensure that any unfortunate lock-outs will be brief and panic-free. Equipped with the latest, state-of the art technology, they have come a long way from the age of the dinosaurs.

Their services cover all residential, commercial and automotive security needs, from the simplest combination lock to replacement and reprogramming of car key fobs for all makes and models from Accura to Volkswagen (including luxury cars) to analysis and installment of the most complex security coverage. They are fast, professional, and their prices are fair.  

Discover for yourself the excellent service of Sure Lock & Key. You won’t be disappointed.