East Granby

East Granby

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For a relatively small town of a little more than 5000 residents, East Granby has been the site for some interesting “firsts” in American history.

The first incorporated copper mine in America resided in what is now East Granby. In the early eighteenth century, population boomed due to the discovery of large copper deposits.  State records indicate that copper was discovered there in 1705. A mine was in operation in 1707, created by digging a vertical shaft and tunneling horizontally, with additional vertical shafts dug for ventilation. The mine operated until 1745.

The Colony of Connecticut then converted the tunnel network into a prison, naming it after London’s Newgate Prison. The first prisoner for whom the state has surviving documentation, John Hinson, was committed for burglary in 1773, and escaped in 1774.

In 1790 it became the first state prison in America. Most of the facilities present today were built between then and 1802. These include the main prison wall, and five brick-and-masonry buildings.

The history of prisons stretches back more than 500 years, to 16th century England. Before such times as penal incarceration, the method of jailing was much less refined. Dungeons and the like, stretch back much further into human history. In what is now the United States there was some rudimentary imprisonment even before European colonization, but it was only in the time leading up to the American Revolution (when the United States seceded from Great Britain) that the US began to imprison people as a means of criminal punishment.

It is hard to imagine what type of security was employed in those early prisons, considering that the first prisoner escaped handily after less than one year of captivity. And because the old buildings are still in use, an entire security overhaul had to be employed to ensure that the prisoners could not escape so easily.

Securing a prison is a complicated process. Remotely controlled doors, CCTV monitoring, alarms, biometric entry points that can scan an inmate’s iris or fingerprints are just a few of the many elements that must be put in place to create a secure prison environment.

Since a prison’s main purpose is to maintain secure facilities, any dysfunctional lock or lost set of keys poses a major security threat.

And this is when the services of a good locksmith are a necessity. Luckily, most of us aren’t the ones who need to be locked in – the locksmith’s job is to keep the bad guys out.

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