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Incorporated in 1708, Durham is the home of one of the first public libraries in the United States. The cornerstone of the present Durham Library building was laid on November 2, 1901, and dedicated in 1902. It’s a pretty old building, but the first Durham Library, a collection of books of around 5,000 or so, started way back in October, 1733, only two years after Benjamin Franklin started the famous Philadelphia Library. That was when the Book Company of Durham was established. It was one of the first in the colonies, and the beginning of the Durham Library.

As you navigate through the books and computers you will see all sorts of interesting and historic things like old quilts, pictures and relics of a much older time. It manages to achieve this in a very aesthetic and pleasant manner, everything just blends together in an extremely relaxed way.

There are lots of libraries in the state of Connecticut. Some large, some small, some old and some new. Libraries and books are nothing new to Durham, but the juxtaposition of the modern and the historic is what makes the Durham Library a very special place.

And just like there are lots of libraries in the state of Connecticut, there are also many different kinds of locksmiths: fast ones and slow ones, outdated and modern ones, large companies and smaller ones.

But if you are looking for fast, professional, and up-to-date service, the best locksmith company to call is Sure Lock & Key. They too, combine the modern and the historical, in that they are able to install and fix any lock, from the most simple lock and key to the most updated, state of the art security systems.

Sure Lock & Key has thousands of satisfied clients for commercial locksmith services in the state of Connecticut and the surrounding area.  Sure Lock & Key commercial services, which could easily be implemented in older buildings or newer ones, include solutions for lost office keys, safe combination resets, rekeying, high security locks and system installations, file cabinet solutions, master key implementations and all other commercial locksmith and security needs.  Sure Lock & Key is ready 24 hours a day to help in any type of emergency locksmith situation.

All employees are carefully vetted and undergo a thorough state and federal background check so you can feel secure about your security.