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In the years preceding the turn of the twentieth century, Derby, CT was a fairly prosperous and progressive community. What made it unique was the fact that it was the first electric locomotive to be built and successfully used commercially for hauling freight. Its motor was built by the Van Depoele Electric Manufacturing Company and the railway car was built by the Pullman Palace Car Co., of Pullman, Illinois. It arrived in Derby in April and was in service by July.

Electric locomotives benefit from the high efficiency of electric motors, often above 90% (not including the inefficiency of generating the electricity). Additional efficiency can be gained from regenerative braking, which allows kinetic energy to be recovered during braking to put power back on the line.

Anything in motion is kinetic. There is a long list of things that possess kinetic energy: pool balls, a skydiver falling at terminal velocity, a bullet, a pendulum at the bottom of its arc, a bowling ball, a flowing river, all the way to a meteor hurtling towards earth.

One of the things you would probably not expect to see on this list is your local locksmith. You might think that locksmiths sit in an office cutting keys all day, but locksmithing is so much more. As time passes, keys are actually becoming more and more obsolete. Innovations in the security field are coming fast and furious. Smart Keys, Chip Keys, Key Fob Systems, Transponder keys and other access devices. The field is “kinetic,” constantly in motion, changing, growing and expanding.

In order to keep up, the locksmiths themselves exude kinetic energy. They have to keep up with the latest trends in order to employ the most state of the art equipment and technology. They must be fast moving, because there are times when a speedy arrival to a customer’s home, office, or car is essential.

Sure Lock & Key is a fast-paced, up and coming locksmith service which, according to Yelp, has a less than 40-minute arrival time no matter where the customer is calling from. Their 24 hour mobile service van is equipped with the tools to handle almost any emergency, such as home, office or car lockouts. Sure Lock & Key will be on the scene long before panic sets in.

Additionally, they will come to your home or office to assess your needs and advise you on the best way to ensure that your premises are safe and secure, and then proceed to implement these recommendations with great service and fair pricing.

With their commitment to fast, reliable, professional service, you can’t  go wrong with Sure Lock & Key.