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Clinton, which traces its history back to back to 1663, has the interesting distinction of its town center town center along the shore line listed as a census-designated place (CDP) by the U.S. Census Bureau in the 2000 census.

Located directly on the Long Island Sound, while Connecticut doesn’t lack for great fishing ports, few places can compete with Clinton when it comes to the variety of available species. Stripers, fluke, scup, false albacore and blackfish are all present in the nearshore waters during the season, which runs from May to December.

But despite the assortment of species making their home in the shores of Clinton, the town is actually known as the Bluefish Capital of the World. (If you like battling gorilla blues, Six Mile Reef and the Dumping Grounds are hot spots for trolling, but you can also take them on top waters off Kelsey Point, Duck Island and Miegs Point at dawn and dusk).

Adult bluefish are strong and aggressive, and live in loose groups. They are fast swimmers that sometimes chase bait through the surf zone, churning the water like a washing machine. This behavior is sometimes referred to as a “bluefish blitz.”

Ever been locked out of your car? How come it usually happens during a rain or snow storm, some time in the middle of the night? Treat yourself to the “blitz” known as SURE Lock & Key! They too, are strong and aggressive, and travel in small groups (of qualified, bonded technicians). They are fast swimmers, arriving at your destination, according to Yelp, in forty minutes or less, anywhere in Connecticut from Ansonia to Woodbridge. Their mobile van is equipped with state of the art technology, able to cut and program keys for all types of vehicles on the road, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They understand how important it is for you to get you and your car back on the road.  Whenever you need emergency auto locksmith services you can call, text or message them and they will reach you within minutes. Rest assured you can leave everything to them and you will be on the road again within the minimum time possible.

The same goes for all your residential and commercial needs. Reliable, dependable and professional, as long as you keep SURE Lock & Key listed in your contacts, you’ll never be stranded again.