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The first human inhabitants of present-day Burlington were members of the Tunxis Tribe, who belonged to a confederation of Algonquian Indians. Legend holds they used the area as a hunting ground.

Known mainly as a farming town, increased westward migration, which commenced in the late eighteenth century, reached such proportions by the 1830’s that Burlington’s population declined significantly. The prospect of rich, abundant and inexpensive farmland enticed many families to move to the then far off states of Ohio, Illinois, Iowa and other points west. By the 1840’s increased industrialization of the neighboring communities of Bristol (Clock Factories), Unionville (Paper Mills and a Nut and Bolt Factory), Collinsville (Axe and Edge Tool Factory) also drained Burlington’s population as young men and women sought opportunities other than traditional farming pursuits. By 1851 passenger train service was established, thus making the greater world more easily accessible to mostly rural Burlington. The Great Depression of the 1930’s also put the brakes on local growth. Residents generally were able to ride out the bad times. A transient camp was established in Burlington for those less fortunate individuals in need of assistance who passed through Burlington.

But he last two decades of the 20th Century have seen the most dramatic change in the makeup of Burlington. Ranked as the fastest growing town in Connecticut in the most recent Census studies, Burlington now has an estimated population of 9,600 residents. Many small businesses have been established to provide a variety of services.

Burlington today provides a link with the nation’s historic past as well as a vision of its future. It’s town motto is “A Town Where Community Counts.”

There are many different elements that make up a community, and one of them is surely a safe and secure environment, both in homes and in business. And just as you have your local baker, dry cleaner and butcher, every town needs its own locksmiths who are familiar with the town and its unique needs.

Sure Lock and Key is a perfect example of a community-based locksmith. Known throughout Ct. for their fast, reliable and professional service, they arrive so quickly (according to Yelp within forty minutes of a call) that it is as if they lived right across town. They are available to serve you 24/7, both through their planned services as well as their unique mobile emergency service for those times when you find yourself locked out of your home or car. Their expertise and quality services are supported by the latest state of the art equipment to ensure your safety and security.

In a town where community counts, Sure Lock and Key is proud to takes its place as your local locksmith.