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First settled in mid-1644, Branford is a mid-size city located on the Long Island Sound. Among its main attractions are a series of beer breweries as well as the being the closest city to the majestic archipelago of islands called the Thimble Islands. Known to the Indians as Kuttomquosh, “the beautiful sea rocks,” the islands are actually a conglomerate of pink granite rocks, ledges and outcroppings resulting from leftover rock from early glacier movement. There are about 100 and 365, depending on what can be classified as an island as opposed to mere rock. The islands also serve as a way station for migrating seals.

The islands are only accessible by boat, and are home to an elite crowd who, when accused of being escapists instead refer to themselves as “liveaboards.” They love living on the water, on an island accessible only by boat.

There are less than 90 homes total in the entire archipelago, with many of the islands containing only one home! The homes are vast, many of them mansions and estates, with almost none for sale. All the homes are inhabited, passed down from generation to generation, and rarely does anyone give one up. There is a small sense of community, but for the most part, it is every man for himself.

But even there, in the middle of nowhere, Sure Lock and Key would do their best to get there as quickly as possible for any and all security needs. Available 24/7, there is always the possibility of a locked-in car parked on the dock, or even boat security and maintenance for the varied cruise ships and water taxis that circumvent the islands on a daily basis. (It used to be that when one of the islanders was in need of transportation, they would hoist a red-flag and wait for the ferry to come their way). The wealthy inhabitants, despite their insularity, still require security for their vast estates, reluctant to leave their homes wide open. Thimbles homeowners are naturally protective of their privacy, and while stopping uninvited on an inhabited island would be very bad form, but that is not to say that it never happens.

No man is an island, as the saying goes. No matter where one lives, he will always need assistance, one way or another. Even these remote island dwellers can count on Sure Lock and Key for all their security needs.