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Driving along Route 44 in Bolton, travelers find themselves driving through a narrow passageway of rocks, caves, and woods known as the Bolton Notch. Most likely carved by a pre-glacial stream, the area was once home to Quarryville, a bustling 19th-century community centered around the commercial quarry industry. Bolton, originally part of the hunting ground of the Podunk Indians, who called the town Saqumsketuck, which means land or place at the hard rock.

The granite found in town was of good quality and in high demand for building and sidewalk construction. Quarrymen mined the granite and shipped it by oxcart to the Connecticut River where boats carried the quarry stone to cities up and down the East Coast.

By 1820, Quarryville was a booming village and transportation center. With the arrival of the railroad in the mid-19th century, the area achieved new heights of prosperity. Railroad workers flush with cash helped support numerous taverns, a church, and a post office. New residences brought more businesses, and by that time, the Bolton Notch housed 26 buildings, including grain sheds, a soap factory, and a village store.

Today it is a rural village of less than 5000 people, but its history looms large. Imagining those days when the place was bustling with activity, one can only wonder what the crime rate was at that time! But believe it or not, in the entire history of the world, it was during this brief period, lasting about 70 years, from the late 1700s until 1851, where you could put something under lock and key—a chest, a safe, a home—and have complete, unwavering certainty that no intruder could get to it. Security experts call this “perfect security.”

Although this period was considered to have ended in 1851, when locksmith A.C. Hobbs had the audacity to pick the supposedly fool-proof Brama lock, perhaps perfect security could be experiencing a renaissance.

SURE Lock & Key would have put A.C. Hobbs to shame! It took him 52 hours to pick the lock, whereas the locksmiths at Sure would have had it open in minutes. They are highly trained professionals who excel at mastering even the most impenetrable locks. Not only can they install sophisticated security systems, they can also override them when necessary. They are extremely trustworthy – all employees are bonded and insured – so your security is safe with them. Their commitment to excellent service at a fair price speaks for itself.