Offering the best solution for your Home, Business & Auto locksmith needs in Bethel and the Area

First settled around 1700, the town’s name means “House of G-d” in Hebrew. Considering its size, it boasts quite a roster of famous citizens, among them Matt Barnes, pitcher for the Red Sox, Jan Miner, also known as “Madge,” the spunky manicurist/spokesperson for Palmolive dishwashing liquid (“You’re soaking in it!”), and the one and only PT Barnum, founder of the Barnum and Baily Circus.

Despite his reputation as a cantankerous personality, PT Barnum actually had a few interesting things to say. Any one of these three maxims can be applied, if not to Barnum himself, then to the unique services provided by SURE Lock & Key. The New Haven based SURE Lock & Key comprises nearly all the elements lauded by Barnum. “The noblest art is making others happy” can be easily applied, because there are few joys greater than a friendly locksmith pulling up in front of your house or car at any hour of the day or night. Their mobile “rescue” unit is equipped to solve any lock-related emergency throughout the entire state of Connecticut. “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else,” is an accurate description of the unique services offered by SURE Lock & Key. Besides being fast, reliable, and professional, their services include everything from home protection to cutting and programming keys for more than fifty car makes and models, from Audi to Volkswagen and everything in between. They also specialize in making new fobs, smart keys, chip keys, Head keys, transponder keys, and remotes.

And last but not least, “Unless a man enters upon the vocation intended for him by nature, and best suited to his peculiar genius, he cannot succeed.” SURE Lock & Key is comprised of four brothers who joined together in partnership to create a company that would provide the highest level of service, security and fair pricing to their customers. They boast a combined 35 years of experience, and apply their expertise to each and every job. Like Barnum said, they have a natural aptitude for locksmithing, starting with their friendly service all the way through their attention to detail, and their success is testament to the truth of this adage.

PT Barnum was an inveterate showman, master of the greatest show on earth. But in the end, there is nothing like down-to-earth, good old fashioned honest work, where what you see is what you get. Making people feel safe and secure is their passion, and in this day and age that is no small thing.