Beacon Falls

Beacon Falls

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The area that was to become Beacon Falls was first inhabited by tribal communities of Paugusetts and Paugusucks and was originally known as Nyumps. Early history texts indicate that a former Native American slave called Toby bought much of the land that was to become the town on September 7, 1693 for 10 pounds and a barrel of cider.

Settlers from Derby, Connecticut moved to the area in 1678 and the town was incorporated in 1871 on lands carved from the neighboring towns of Bethany, Seymour, Naugatuck and Oxford. The town was named for Beacon Hill, although it is said that was a desire to call it Home after the Home Woolen Mill.

The 1898 inception of the Beacon Falls Rubber Shoe Company breathed life into the tiny village, population today 6,049. The new company enjoyed great success for over two decades. From 150 pairs of shoes manufactured in 1899, by 1920, 5.5 million pair were shipped; during that same time the town’s population doubled. The footwear, mainly boots and sneakers, was marketed under the brand name, “Top Notch.”

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It’s been a long time since Toby bought Beacon Falls for some cider. It must have been hard to keep their dwellings safe from marauders and wild animals. Too bad SURE Lock & Key was not around them. They could surely have installed locks on wigwams if they had to!