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Manchester  is a city in Hartford County, Connecticut. The town had a total population of 58,241 at the time of the 2010 census .

Colonists settled Manchester in the1670’s in order to establish a farming community. The power provided by the many rivers and brooks was used for different various industries that existed at the time including the textile, paper and lumber industries. The city naturally became a center for industrial growth.

Hartford once had originally included land that eventually would be become the towns of East Hartford, Manchester and West Hartford. Hartford, in 1823 finally became a separate town.

The world’s largest silk mill was started by the Cheney family. This and the other aforementioned industries transformed Manchester into an ideal industrial community until today. Sure Lock & Key Services a member of the Manchester industrial which include small businesses, offices and commercial buildings is here to service you every Security and Locksmith need 24 hours a day, throughout the year. Our services include A Grade Lock Installation, Access Control Systems, High Security Locks, Commercial Safes and Biometric Lock Install, CCTV, among many others.

Manchester’s Scottish culture held and still holds great influence on the city. This can be seen in that Manchester is still the home to the second-oldest operating pipe band in the the U.S. The Manchester Pipe Band, which was formed in the year 1914. 

Manchester has four museums. The Lutz Children’s Museum has very interestingexhibits covering art, history, science, nature and ethnology.

The Fire Museum is housed in a 1901 firehouse building. The firefighting equipment and memorabilia in the museum includes leather fire buckets which were used during colonial times. The evolution of sprinkler systems is also on display.  

Local history is the main theme of The Old Manchester Museum which is operated by the Manchester Historical Society. 

The last of the four Manchester communities Museum’s is the Cheney Homestead.

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Manchester is also famous for its popular Manchester Road Race. This race is held every Thanksgiving Day. The race has over 10,000 participants yearly. The annual auto show is also gaining more popularity every year.

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